We have been on the road already for more then a year. Traveling enriched our world. We grow as a family and enjoy all the beautiful people we’ve met during our travels. However we would like to make some money again, to work on something. And during our Pan American road trip we will discover how. How can we travel and work at the same time? The idea of the Camping Cookers started a while a go in Tasmania. Why shouldn’t we cook at campsites? Surf spots? At peoples houses around the world?


At Vancouver Island we had our first Camping Cooker party. Here we served the wines of Sagewood winery and the beers of Howe Sound Brewery. Because of the weather we decided to organise a small get together at our campsite. So people     could come and go as they please. The first Camping Cooker event was a succes! It became a party where strangers connected by good food and of course…. booze!