After an impetuous drive on the highway that has been damaged to a large extent during a hurricane, we arrived in Bahia de Los Angeles. There is not much to do, except for a nice camping spot by the sea. So we also live off the sea. We made a beach walk when a fishing boat arrived with nine delicious tuna. They were filleted directly on the beach and we were also allowed to take a bite of it. I asked if we couldn’t buy some tuna from them and they immediately gave us a bag for free. Further on the beach we have gathered cockles that we prepared at home. All that delicious food we can get here from the sea is fantastic. We met Loes and Johan who had a craving for a delicious Camping Cooker meal. For them we prepared a tasty three-course meal with a paprika tomato soup, as a main rye wing and grilled vegetables and dessert homemade ice cream. The surroundings of our pop-up restaurant made this evening complete.