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March 2019

A quiet week in Mulege


This week we are on a real overlander camping. Super fun to meet other travelers, so we had many wonderful stories shared with interesting people. For a while we were looking for a place like this, here we wanted to cook as Camping Cookers. Unfortunately, that turned out to be more difficult than expected. Nobody [...]

A quiet week in Mulege2019-03-23T09:55:41+00:00

Bahia de Los Angeles, the lost paradise


After an impetuous drive on the highway that has been damaged to a large extent during a hurricane, we arrived in Bahia de Los Angeles. There is not much to do, except for a nice camping spot by the sea. So we also live off the sea. We made a beach walk when a fishing [...]

Bahia de Los Angeles, the lost paradise2019-03-05T17:56:18+00:00

First time selling pizza in Mexico


This week we arrived in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. A week where we found our peace again and camped on the beach. More you don’t need, each other and the beach in front of your door. And good food of course! You can find that everywhere, for 15 pesos you already have a tasty [...]

First time selling pizza in Mexico2019-03-02T21:40:00+00:00

February 2019

A sneak peak into our future


There are some of those places which will stay with you.  Which inspire you more than the most inspiring quote. Which will make you think about it for a long, long time. Such a place is Deckman’s in Ensenada. We found this hidden gem via the internet. Drew showed us the business. They make their [...]

A sneak peak into our future2019-02-07T15:32:57+00:00

Learn from the locals


The local cuisine in Mexico is so tasteful that we enjoy all the goodies that can be found here. Our first encounter with street food in Mexico is at La Guerrerense in Ensenada. They serve different types of tostadas. What a wonderful taste explosion. The basis is simple. They have fried tortillas, similar to our [...]

Learn from the locals2019-02-04T17:50:51+00:00

January 2019

Camping Cooken


When we started this trip a while ago, we had a dream. Cook a three course dinner at a campsite. This week we made our dream happen. It took a lot of effort to convince the people at the campsite, but 14 people made a reservation. We do not understand that it took so much [...]

Camping Cooken2019-01-23T00:21:30+00:00

Philly Cheese Steak recipe


There is almost nothing more American in the deli kitchen than a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. On the way to the canyons we stopped in Duck town for lunch and what a tasty surprise was waiting for us here. In Martin's Corner Deli I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak for the first time and it [...]

Philly Cheese Steak recipe2019-01-22T22:21:51+00:00

Yosemite National Parc


We leave the hustle and bustle of San Francisco behind and leave for one of the most beautiful and most visited parks in America, Yosemite National Park. It is so cool to take the kids to these places. This way we can show them how beautiful our planet is and how important it is to [...]

Yosemite National Parc2019-01-17T21:11:42+00:00

Metropolis San Francisco


                      Yes! Finally we are going to San Francisco! What a city! Incredible busy to get into the city, but once arrived we can park the car and enjoy this immense city for two days. We have booked a much too expensive hotel, but well, [...]

Metropolis San Francisco2019-01-17T20:19:16+00:00

To get away from it all


            We left our tinyhouse to explore with our tent. Destination, Crater lake. A beautiful place where we could enjoy the beauty of nature. We woke the girls early, so we could see the sunrise above the lake. And what a magical place it was. The lake was still shrouded [...]

To get away from it all2019-01-15T03:25:40+00:00
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